Biodegradable Applications

Flower Pots

Now a day’s flower pots are widely used for the plantation of small plants, bonsai, and flower plants in nurseries. Flower pots are useful where the place is small so there widely used in bungalow areas, apartments for decoration, show case. One of the best examples is cow pot which is 100% in composted manners and biodegradable in nature.

flower pots

Tomato clips

Tomato clips use to hold the bunch of leaves in green house. These clips are biodegradable in nature. This is also use for cucumbers, sweet peppers, melons, zucchinis. Clips are available in three elements which are hooks, flower bunch holders and regular clip. Advantage of that clip to increase the productions and profit. Tomato clip is easy to install and inexpensive. It helps to increase the seedling yields and protect against germs.

tomato clips

Plant Stakes

Plant stakes are useful to that flowering plant that grows more than 2 feet. Flowering stems should be protected against heavy rains, high winds by giving plant stakes. Once the stem broke its too difficult to rise again. Flowers like heliopsis, delphiniums, sweet peas, lilies, peonies and dahlias require plant stakes. The crops or flower such as peas, tomatoes and peppers produce biggest harvest when they are staked.

plant stakes

Golf Tees

Golf tees are those which show the area where the hole begins. There three to five sets tee marker basically on ground. For the first shot player should keep the balls on desire area on the teeing ground. Sometime golf tees are also called as a peg. It is pointed on one end and concave to the other side.

golf tees